Message From Hollywood: Tolerance for Me, But None for Thee!

Message From Hollywood: Tolerance for Me, But None for Thee!

Hollywood has long been home to a rebellious counter-culture that extolled the virtues of non-conformity and the freedom of expression. The Red Scares of the 20's and 50's did much to cement the community's reputation as a haven for political dissent. However, that rich history of liberal tolerance has vanished over the past decade or two, leaving in its place an illiberal, bellicose, and militant culture that stifles any dissent from the party line.

As the self-styled purveyor of social trends and norms, Hollywood's message of cultural Marxism (re-branded as political correctness) has permeated much of the country, However, California seems to be the most affected, as recently witnessed on numerous University of California campuses.

The firebrand (and openly homosexual) senior editor of Brietbart, Milo Yiannapoulos has come under prolonged and concerted attack by the political left and its new Komsomolets, aka Social Justice Warriors (SJW). In the past three attempts by Milo to speak at invitational events on UC campuses, the intolerant foot soldiers of the left have threatened not only his safety and well being, but also that of any attendees. The reasoning? SJW's insist Milo invokes hatred and violence. Insert long ironic pause here.

Just yesterday (Wednesday), anti-Milo protesters assembled at UC Berkeley and violently pre-empted Milo's sold-out speech at the convention center. Not content with canceling the event, the SJW's then proceeded to smash windows, set property on fire, physically beat Milo-supporters, and threw rocks at police. They then took their 'peaceful' dissent out into the streets of Berkeley and continued to lavish their tolerance and love upon the community at large.

If this is the kind of peaceful, tolerant, and respectful behavior that Hollywood is messaging to American society at large, then there will be turbulent times ahead. How sadly ironic that the community that once stood for acceptance and inclusion now holds itself above those petty attributes. Tolerance for me, but none for thee.

And, one final bit of editorializing: The sad events surrounding Milo are a stand-in for a larger historical movement at work. It's been done before, and it was NOT good. Cultural Marxism, whether the Maoist or Stalinist variety, resulted in the deaths of over 120 million people. Be careful, Hollywood, of the monster that you create. It can come back to haunt you.


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