Melissa Gorga Addresses Her Previous Statement That She’s Pregnant!

Melissa Gorga Addresses Her Previous Statement That She’s Pregnant!
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During a brand new interview, Melisa Gorga revealed the truth about whether or not she really is pregnant! Furthermore, she also revealed some of her plans with her hubby Joe when it comes to their family.

As it turns out, she is in fact not expecting a baby at the moment.

But the confusion started with Melisa herself saying that she is!

Therefore, she had to explain that she meant something else while on E! News Daily Pop when she said that she would not leave the Real Housewives of New Jersey, even if her life partner wanted it, the reason being that they are ‘pregnant at this point!’

Now, while chatting with HollywoodLife Melisa explained: ‘Insert foot into the mouth? Yeah, it was a really bad analogy. I was trying to say like once you’re already pregnant with the show, in other words you can’t [leave] — once it’s there, it’s there type of thing.’

There you have it folks! She meant ‘pregnant’ with the series and not an actual baby!

However, that is not to say that the parents of three are against adding a fourth one to the bunch, whether that would mean giving birth to one or adopting!

‘Yeah, I mean, we were discussing having another child and you’ll see us go through the motions with that. And if we did it, we were discussing a lot of different options. Possibly a surrogate…there’s a lot of different, different ways to go about it. You’re going to have to watch the show to see,’ Melisa teased via the news outlet when asked about their plans for the future.


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