Melinda Gates Talks Marriage To Bill, Abuse, Vaccines, and Reproductive Rights — Watch Video Interview

Melinda Gates Talks Marriage To Bill, Abuse, Vaccines, and Reproductive Rights — Watch Video Interview
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Melinda Gates granted CNBC a rare video interview after the release of her new book "The Moment Of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes The World." Speaking with CNBC's Becky Quick, she explained that even though she is an incredibly private person, she bared parts of her soul in her book. Not only did Melinda Gate open up about her marriage to Bill, but she also discussed her past experiences with abuse.

She said the topic of abuse comes up frequently when she speaks to women across the world.

Melinda Gates stated the following.

"The hardest pieces for me to write were the most private parts of the book. Moments in our marriage where I was asking Bill for more equality or moments where I do talk about abuse that I went through. That was the hardest piece to write. But I felt like in being vulnerable, if I would share those stories, people would understand, you know, abuse-- it can happen to absolutely anyone. And I travel the globe. And when I stay long enough in places, it comes out. Whether I'm in Silicon Valley, whether I'm in Northern India, whether I'm in Senegal or Malawi, women talk to you about abuse. And one of the reasons it's important to write about that is because it silences women. It silenced my voice. It took away my self-confidence for years."

You may watch Melinda Gates as she talks about her marriage to Bill Gates, past abuse, the importance of vaccines, and how women need contraception to be in control of their lives in the video player below.

Melinda Gates pointed out that when a woman can time and space the birth of her children, the family as a whole thrives. She said studies showed that when women have access to contraception and plan their babies accordingly, the family as a whole tends to be more prosperous, the children better educated and healthier.

She also spoke about being a Catholic who embraces contraception and the differences she has seen between American's attitudes towards things like vaccines and contraception and the attitudes of women she's encountered around the world.

What do you think of Melinda Gates' interview? Do you agree or disagree with her views?

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