Melanie Martinez Film K-12 Is This Generation's Purple Rain By Prince —Watch The Surreal Movie

Melanie Martinez Film K-12 Is This Generation's Purple Rain By Prince —Watch The Surreal Movie
Credit: Source: Melanie Martinez/YouTube

If you've been sleeping this weekend and are over the age of 20, you might be unaware that Melanie Martinez just made music and movie history. On September 6, 2019, Melanie Martinez released her second studio album K-12. With 13 songs and an accompanying eponymous film. Melanie has dominated YouTube since top two spot since it's release, and will most likely make Billboard charts for the foreseeable future. K-12 follows Melanie's debut 2015 album Crybaby and continues the storyline the concept album introduced Melanie's fans too. Keeping with the Crybaby character, Melanie's film and album K-12 is about Crybaby going to a surreal school where she experiences the challenges faced by adolescent girls.

The concept album and movie is comparable to Purple Rain by Prince that went on to win both Grammy and Oscar awards. While many movie critics may have missed the importance of Purple Rain at the time, it was the resonation with listeners and moviegoers that made the film a success.

It appears that K-12 captivates the listener and audience the same way Purple Rain did.

Besides having incredible visuals, impeccable choreographed dance routines, and a viable storyline that is right in line with the album, Melanie hits on many topics today's youth experience such as bullying, bulimia and eating disorders, abuse of prescription medication in youth, self-esteem, rape, Me Too culture, civil rights, transgender issues, the black lives matter movement, and more.

Melanie doesn't just sing about these topics, but presents a visual message, inspiring and encouraging lyrics, and ultimately tells listeners that they will grow through whatever trials they face, and not to give up.

There is no question that this film and CD is going to resonate with America's youth and while some conservative adults might not get it (or even be opposed to some of the graphic imagery and language) teens will.

Not only will they get this album and film, but there's also a good reason to believe they are going to make it a cult classic.

K-12  the film is not a musical, and it's not your typical fare that you would see, per se on the Disney Channel (this is not Descnedants ) and don't let the sugary-sweet, pastel pinks, and sky-blue colors fool you into thinking it is.

Melanie uses this imagery while presenting heavy-hitting subjects in a way that today's youth will resonate with and respond to.

At the underlying core, K-12 is a film that will inspire, bring hope, and encourage those who are dealing with bullying or being ostracized in their local environment, particularly the classroom.

You may watch Melanie Martinez's film K-12 below.

Did you watch Melanie Martinez's film K-12 since its release?

What are your thoughts on the film and the album?


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