Melanie Griffith Continues To Show Off Her Good Genes Inherited By Tippi Hedren — Stuns At 62-Years-Old

Melanie Griffith Continues To Show Off Her Good Genes Inherited By Tippi Hedren — Stuns At 62-Years-Old
Credit: Source: Melanie Griffith/Instagram

Melanie Griffith continues to defy the laws of aging as it is clear she has inherited good genes from her mother Tippi Hedren who is stunning at 90-years-old. Melanie is the mother of Dakota Johnson and the three women are revered for their beauty. Now, photos of the Working Girl are going viral as Melanie was spotted in Los Angeles where she showcased her fabulous figure. Wearing a black sports tank and black leggings, Melanie bared her abs and looked as if she was thirty years younger than her age. Melanie Griffith has never had a public problem with her weight and looks as if she's the same size she was when she was nominated for the best actress Academy Award for her 1989 role in Working Girl. Melanie has three children and has always been svelte.

Like many who are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, Melanie has been self-isolating in California and going outside to get fresh air and exercise. You can see that she had a face mask around her neck, ready to be worn if she were to come in contact with someone.

You may see several photos taken of Melanie Griffith when she was out and about in California below.

Dakota Johnson is well known for the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy of movies. Melanie is best known for Working Girl and Tippi Hedren is beloved by fans worldwide for her work in the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds . You may see a beautiful photo of the three generations of the strong-successful women — Tippi, Melanie, and Dakota below.

Here is a sweet photo of both Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson. Melanie has three children: one son and two daughters — Dakota is the oldest.

Here is a gorgeous photo of Dakota Johnson with her grandmother Tippi Hedren. Dakota Johnson's partner is Coldplay's  Chris Martin and there's heavy speculation the two may get married but at this point, they haven't made any engagement announcements.

What do you think about Melanie Griffith's stunning photos? Can you believe she is 62-years-old and that Tippi Hedren is 90-years-old?

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