Melania Trump's Latest Fashion Choice Is Seen As A Faux Pas After These Photos Surface - Donald Trump's Fans Defend Her

Melania Trump's Latest Fashion Choice Is Seen As A Faux Pas After These Photos Surface - Donald Trump's Fans Defend Her
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While many expected that even the presidential tribute for the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks would be surrounded by controversy -- due to the behavior of President Donald Trump himself -- not many predicted the person making headlines would be Melania Trump.

At the 9/11 memorial ceremonies that took place at the White House and the Pentagon, Melania Trump was spotted wearing a coat with a peculiar pattern, one that many described as a "tribute" to the attacks.

More specifically, many people seemed to see an image of a plane flying into a tower on the coat of the first lady, and this immediately drew a lot of criticism towards her and her husband for their apparent brazen display of disrespect.

And while it is questionable that Melania would pick a coat like that on purpose, many comparison pictures that have been posted since seem to drive the point home.

The controversial design was spotted on the back of Melania's coat, in a picture of her standing next to Donald Trump overlooking the country.

The picture was captioned with the iconic slogan "we will never forget," and while it was posted with good intentions, many people immediately turned it around into a competition of trolls.

Not many were surprised by the reactions though, and some even joked that Trump himself might have gotten his wife to wear the controversial coat on purpose.

Others are defending Melania by saying liberals are always cooking up wild conspiracy theories.

A few are asking why Melania may have chosen this piece of attire in the first place, and how she did not notice the design.

One defender replied: "Ok! I’m buying that coat just to piss off a libtard! This First Lady embodies the beauty of authentic womanhood in so many ways. I am very grateful for the fine example she is to our nation."

A Democrat had this to say: "Melania doesn't look too happy. She's probably wishes she was with Justin. Lol."

This person shared: "With all of the division in our country, I challenge each of you to stop for a few minutes today and really remember how you felt about your country, your fellow Americans, your friends, and family, on September 11 and the days and months after the most horrific event to occur on American soil. I can guarantee you were kinder and more compassionate in the days that followed. Remember that feeling now when we need it most. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall."

A Trump supporter stepped in to respond: "All of you people on here making inappropriate comments about her coat should be ashamed of yourselves. How about respecting the people that were killed on 9/11. God Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸"

Owning liberals has become a goal in many places.

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