Melania Trump Shares Rare PDA Photo With the Donald Amid Stormy Daniels Allegations

Melania Trump Shares Rare PDA Photo With the Donald Amid Stormy Daniels Allegations
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In the midst of the storm, Melania Trump is hoping to briefly turn the chapter or at least change the conversation by posting what is supposed to be a sweet picture with President Donald Trump.

The first lady of the United States shared a photo that was taken at the White House where the pair is standing on a balcony with a large amount of snow in the background.

Melania is wearing a black coat, and the New York businessman is dressed in navy, and they are both smiling from ear to ear.

The photo is making headlines because it is a rare occasion to see the couple holding hands.

On numerous occasions, the former model was caught on camera violently slapping her husband's hand away from her.

Barron's mother is in the media these days for matters beyond her control.

Two high-profile stars from the adult industry have accused The Donald of having extramarital affairs with them.'

Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal was on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 where she had a lot to say about her alleged 10-month affair with Melania’s husband.

A source said Melania is overwhelmed by the situation and added: “Melania is not ready for more women to come forward with allegations of affairs with her spouse. She is bracing the worst and is unsure how to move forward.”

On Sunday, Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, had the attention of 22 million people who tuned in to her 60 Minutes interview and she gave intimate details about her sexcapade with Donald.

The ex-porn star has angered Melania who has refused to address the matter.

The insider stated: “She is furious with Donald over Stormy’s allegations, but still wants to do the right thing as a first lady. She wants to be by the president during challenging times, but she also does not want to be made to look like a fool in front of the world.”

The same tipster added: “Melania feels stuck with a sinking presidency and she wants to get out before Trump’s house of cards comes crashing down around her. She fears what embarrassing revelations Stormy might reveal in her 60 Minutes interview and Melania’s greater worries is what impact the revelations may have on the presidency.”

A Democrat said: "She refused to move to the white house for months when she speaks it's plagiarized, and a nude model who marries for money and a green card is no “lady.”

A Republican countered with: "So poised and beautiful. She’s really stepped up to the challenge of being the first lady."

This saga could last a long time.

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