Melania Trump Reportedly 'Loved' To Visit Troops In Iraq And Was Not At All 'Afraid' To Be In An Active War Zone

Melania Trump Reportedly 'Loved' To Visit Troops In Iraq And Was Not At All 'Afraid' To Be In An Active War Zone
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It turns out that not only was Melania Trump ‘not afraid’ to visit troops in Iraq, she actually really ‘loved’ the experience and was very honored to be there! At least this is what an insider close to the FLOTUS shared with HollywoodLife!

Apparently, Melania did not even hesitate before choosing to accompany her husband and current president of the United States, Donald Trump to Iraq, where they both visited the troops there.

‘As soon as Donald told her he would be visiting the troops in Iraq, Melania had no hesitation in announcing she would accompany him on the trip.’

But that does not mean the man was not hesitant himself since he was afraid the visit would put her in danger.

But after several briefings about the trip, the Donald finally rested assured that the security for both of them would be ‘airtight’ and so, he agreed to bring Melania along.

And it sounds like it was the right decision since Melania allegedly enjoyed being there so much!

According to the insider, the first lady ‘loved spending time with the troops. She felt proud and honored to be there with them and was made to feel really welcome and appreciated. Melania doesn’t scare easily, and she didn’t feel frightened at all while she was in Iraq, their security detail was amazing, and the base they visited is very secure.’

The Donald was quick to mention that Melania was in fact, the very first FLOTUS to visit an active war zone in almost a decade!

The source told HollywoodLife that the president is super proud of his wife and that she feels ‘a degree of one-upmanship’ as well!

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