Melania Trump Has Decided To Change Her Style In New Photos, The Donald's Supporters React

Melania Trump Has Decided To Change Her Style In New Photos, The Donald's Supporters React
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Melania Trump and her family are back from a relaxing summer holiday, and it looks like she is still in that summer mood, judging by her recent choice of attire.

Mrs. Trump was spotted sporting a more relaxed look as she arrived at the White House with a simple T-shirt and her sleeves rolled up, as well as a shorter skirt.

The look was not unusual for Melania in general, although it is the first time in a while that the public had a chance to see her in this laid-back style.

It looks like she might have been missing that freedom as well, as she seemed quite excited to show off her clothes and walk around in her outfit.

Many of Melania's fans pointed out that she should probably give those looks a try more often, as they suit her.

He teen son, Barron Trump, seemed more modest in his attire, and some commented that he will be taller than both parents.

However, Barron has never been a major figure in the family's public appearances, so it is probably easy to explain why he is not big on fashion and is often dressed as a young boy should.

Others have noted that Barron is probably just trying to maintain a lower profile in the shadow of his parents, which could definitely be true given the overall situation around the family and their many political scandals.

Many supporters have jumped online to praise Donald Trump's wife.

One commenter replied: "Now the media doesn’t say anything about this do they because they want to make sure it’s always negative thoughts on the president and the First Lady, God bless you, and President Trump Thank you 😀👍"

A Republican voter wrote: "Everyone rips on President Trump, but Obama never visited survivors of families of all the mass shootings in his eight years of tearing our Great Nation apart!"

This social media user had this to say: "Many people appreciate both you and the president for all the grace and compassionate actions. Be strong against the media's negative nature."

This fourth comment read: "You are such a lovely first lady with excellent taste! I am looking forward to seeing what you've chosen for this year's Christmas season. 💕💕"

The Trumps are gearing up for a brutal 2020 reelection campaign.

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