Melania Trump: Everything About Her Meeting The Queen - Will She Have To Curtsey?

Melania Trump: Everything About Her Meeting The Queen - Will She Have To Curtsey?

We have learned that Donald and Melania Trump are set to visit the United Kingdom starting with July 13. Apparently, the presidential couple will be staying there for four days.

While there, Donald and Melania will be meeting Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle, marking the very first time the First Lady meets the Queen.

She has however interacted with Prince Harry before during a trip to Canada.

That being said, when meeting the Monarch, Melania, despite being the FLOTUS, will still be required to follow many rules.

Melania is expected to either bow her head or curtsey and apparently, she can also shake her hand or do a combination.

However, the American First Lady should only shake hands if Queen Elizabeth is the one offering first as she should not be touched otherwise.

Michelle Obama did break that rule as back in 2009, she put her arm around Her Majesty when posing for the cameras.

The Queen was perfectly fine with it and even returned the gesture.

We do believe that Melania, who is not usually touchy-feely, not even with her husband, will stick to the etiquette.

She also has to use the proper greetings upon meeting the 92-year-old Queen.

So the First Lady will be expected to address the Queen as Your Majesty and Ma'am.

In addition, she should arrive pretty early as the guests are required to show up at the meeting place before a royal.

Melania also has to let the Queen lead in everything, including addressing her and sitting down.

US Ambassador Robert Johnson told the press that meeting the Queen is a ‘highlight’ for the Trump couple.

‘A highlight of any President’s visit to the UK [is when] the President and First Lady will travel to Windsor Castle to meet Her Majesty the Queen.’


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