Melania Trump Biography Claims She And Donald Trump Live On Separate Floors At The White House

Melania Trump Biography Claims She And Donald Trump Live On Separate Floors At The White House
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It’s safe to say that not a lot of people think Donald and Melania Trump are in a perfect marriage but some new details shared with the public via an unauthorized Melania Trump biography make it seem like things are a lot worse than you may believe!

According to this new tell-all, the President and the First Lady not only don’t share the same bed anymore but they actually live on different floors at the White House!

This has apparently been the case ever since her 2018 healthy crisis during which she allegedly almost lost one of her kidneys!

The biography is called ‘Free, Melania’ and it was written by CNN reporter Kate Bennett.

The title is perfect for a book like hers since many people on social media have used those exact same two words before during her awkward public appearances with the Donald.

Aside from the claims that she nearly lost a kidney during her mysterious health problem last year and that Melania and Donald sleep on different White House floors, the author also dished on other things such as the fact that the First Lady and her husband’s favorite daughter, Ivanka, don’t get along!

Supposedly, Melania lives on the third floor and actually has an entire suite of rooms there which includes her bedroom, of course, but also a glam room and a private gym!

As for Donald, he apparently occupies a suite of his own on the second floor, on the opposite side of his wife's.

About her health scare, the book claims that Melania ’underwent an embolization procedure to treat a benign kidney condition. Her medical procedure was not minor — an embolization of a growth of some sort, be it small or large, when attached to a kidney, as hers might've been, made for a dangerous and complicated procedure.’

‘Couple that with the amount of pain she'd apparently been in, according to close friends, and how long she'd been in pain prior to the surgery, and there was actual concern that if her recuperation was not careful and extended, her type of condition could result in the loss of her kidney.’

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