Melania Trump Avoids Holding Donald Trump's Hand Multiple Times In New Video!

Melania Trump Avoids Holding Donald Trump's Hand Multiple Times In New Video!
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Another day in front of the cameras, another opportunity for Melania Trump to awkwardly refuse to respond to her husband’s affection in public. A new video shows the current FLOTUS avoid holding Donald Trump ’s hand not once, but multiple times and social media can’t get over it!

Judging by the footage from August 16, it appears that Melania was much more focused on her expensive $13,000 Hermès Birkin purse than the POTUS standing right by her side.

But at this point, no one would be that surprised since this kind of behavior is quite typical for them and in the past has caused many speculations about the state of their marriage behind the scenes.

However, this new clip is even more clear than in the past since it shows Melania avoiding Donald’s hand repeatedly, suggesting that it might not have been an awkward misunderstanding all those other times!

The current presidential couple was walking down the stairs at Air Force One in Morristown, NJ this weekend, and Melania Trump was not having any of it, giving her husband the cold shoulder when he only wanted her hand in his for the sake of the cameras, at least!

That being said, his repeated attempts to grab her hand were unsuccessful, much to the amusement of social media users.

The First Lady can be seen holding her bag tightly and moving her arm from him smoothly as the POTUS tries to do a little light PDA.

Then, there was a second attempt from the Donald, and unfortunately for him, it had the same result so eventually, he decided to end the embarrassment and just rest his hand on her lower back instead.

It could also be that Melania was just really focused on carefully walking down the stairs at the time, while the strong wind was blowing her hair all over the place, as to not tumble down – hence, the awkward refusal to hold her husband’s hand. Who knows?


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