Melania Trump Accompanies The Donald On Visits To Shooting Sites And Gets Criticized For Doing This

Melania Trump Accompanies The Donald On Visits To Shooting Sites And Gets Criticized For Doing This
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After President Donald Trump announced his intention to visit the sites of recent mass shootings, he followed up on his words and has traveled to Texas and Ohio.

Melania was spotted wearing dark shades, accompanying him on his trips and providing moral support, both to him as well as the people affected by the shootings. Many slammed the first lady for hiding her face behind the fancy shades.

Trump's intention to visit the sites of the shootings was met with substantial controversy, as some people urged him to refrain from doing so.

Many people related to the victims chimed in, claiming that Trump should not disrespect them by trying to meet with them.

On the other hand, Trump's supporters seemed excited about the idea, and many expressed their desire to meet with the President in person.

The controversy does not seem to have dissuaded Trump, as he has been making his rounds across the country and has been doing his best to provide support to the people affected by the shootings.

A lot is still unknown about the incidents, with various conflicting reports coming out.

There has also been a lot of speculation surrounding the tragic incidents, and some seem to believe that there is more to them than the public seeing right now.

Trump bashed Democratic politicians while talking about the shooters by saying: "If you look at Dayton, that was a person who supported, and I guess you would say, Bernie Sanders, I understood, Antifa I understood, Elizabeth Warren I understood. Had nothing to do with President Trump."

POTUS went on to explain: "These are people that are looking for political gain. I don't think they're getting it, and as much as possible, I've tried to stay out of that. I would like to stay out of the political fray. As I was saying and just came out, the Dayton situation, he was a fan of ANTIFA. He was a fan of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Nothing to do with Trump, but nobody ever mentions that. No, I don't blame Elizabeth Warren, and I don't blame Bernie Sanders in the case of Ohio."

He continued with: "I think my rhetoric is a very, and it brings people together. Our country is doing incredibly well. I am concerned about the rise of any group of hate. I don't like it. Any group of hate, whether it's white supremacy, whether it's any other kind of supremacy, whether it's Antifa, whether it's any group of hate, I am very concerned about it, and I'll do something about it."

The president has been trying to improve his support for the upcoming 2020 election, and this seems to have mixed results judging by responses to his visit in social media and other outlets.

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