Melania Is Still Dealing With Aftermath Of Karen McDougal's Cheating Allegations Against Donald Trump

Melania Is Still Dealing With Aftermath Of Karen McDougal's Cheating Allegations Against Donald Trump
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Another woman has claimed that she had a sexual relationship with President Donald Trump around the time Melania gave birth to his son, Barron, in 2006.

Besides porn star Stormy Daniels, Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal also says she had an affair with the Donald.

According to McDougal's story, she was introduced to Trump at a party at the Playboy Mansion in 2006.

The fling began immediately as the controversial billionaire offered her to join him in his room at the Beverly Hills Hotel all the while Melania was taking care of their newborn son Barron in New York.

McDougal wrote extensively about the meeting in her diary.

There, she described how she was offered money after the first sexual act was over and Trump's surprised reaction when she declined his proposal.

The two of them carried on with their relationship and met on a regular basis in Los Angeles.

Trump was a frequent visitor to the City of Angels at the time, because he was working on his former reality show, The Apprentice .

The Playmate also shared some further details about the affair -- the dishes served would always consist of steak and mashed potatoes, and her lover would never consume alcohol.

The extramarital relationship went on for about ten months, according to McDougal, and she claimed she ended it when Trump revealed his racist attitude towards a friend of hers who was of African-American descent.

Hollywood Life claimed the first lady is furious by the news.

A source said: “Melania puts on a brave face and showing a united front in public, but there is no doubt she is furious over yet more cheating allegations surfacing. Melania is a realist, and she never believed her husband would be faithful to her forever, but it is one thing dealing with reports of cheating when you are married to a reality star, and a whole other matter when he is the President of the United States.”

The person added: “Media all around the world are running with the allegations, in addition to every single major news channel— it is so humiliating when the whole world is speculating on whether your famous husband has been cheating on you or not. The strain that it is taking on Melania is clear to see. She is now forcing herself to play the part of loving spouse, all while her body language screams otherwise.”

McDougal also claimed that she had sold all the rights of her story to the National Enquirer , that never published it, and thus concealed it from the world.


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