Mel B’s Sister Slams Abusive Husband Stephen Belafonte – “You Are A Sorry Excuse Of A Man!”

Mel B’s Sister Slams Abusive Husband Stephen Belafonte – “You Are A Sorry Excuse Of A Man!”

Mel B's sister, Danielle Brown has decided to speak against the alleged abuse Stephen Belafonte has put his wife through after Mel got a restraining order against the man. Danielle started and entire social media war against the abuser and slammed him with her sharp words.

At first, Danielle posted on Instagram a snap meant for the media in which she assured them she never has and never will sell a story on her sister.

In order to be left alone, however, she did address the situation, later on, slamming Belafonte in another tweet: " @stephenthinks11 8 years of abusive calls me and my mum have had stating we would never see Melanie again.I am laughing and celebrating as you were wrong. you are a sorry excuse of a man !!"

"To the left to the left everything you own in the box to the left hope you ... go to jail and rot in hell!!" she added.

Her series of tweets came shortly after Belafonte also decided to open up about the situation and tell his side of the story.

Stephen denied all of Mel B’s allegations, including the ones about him beating her up and forcing her into threesomes, claiming that it is all "a smear campaign" against him.

Belafonte’s rep claimed that after legal action will be taking by the man it will be proven that Mel B lied in order to cover up her own marital misconducts. Furthermore, she tried to gain leverage with the kids’ custody by lying.

They also alleged that when the truth about the extent to which Mel B lied in the depiction of her marriage will be revealed real victims of domestic violence will be very offended by her outrageous accusations.

Is Belafonte innocent until proven guilty or are you convinced he did all of those horrible things to Mel B?


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