Mel B's Furious That Stephen Belafonte Denies Abusing Her

Mel B's Furious That Stephen Belafonte Denies Abusing Her
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Mel B, one of the main members of the Spice Girls, is currently in the middle of a promotional tour for her brand new book, Brutally Honest. As fans of the starlet know, Mel is back in the limelight again following the announcement she would be working alongside the Spice Girls once again for a reunion tour - minus Victoria Beckham, who revealed she wouldn't be joining the girl group again.

On the other side of the aisle, however, Mel has arguably been through some challenging times, mostly related to the death of her father, as well as her supposed abusive relationship with ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte.

Reportedly, her new autobiography dives into her abusive past with the father of her youngest child, Stephen, who she formerly claimed was a vicious abuser and emotional manipulator.

Today, the infamous reality TV icon was in the United Kingdom on the morning shows to promote her book. Speaking with Susanna Reid, Mel became enraged when her ex-husband denied her claims of abuse in a written statement, which Reid read to the show's viewers.

Following her discussion of suicidal thoughts and "torture" at the hands of Belafonte, whom she divorced in 2017, the Spice Girl became infuriated as Reid read Belafonte's denial on paper.

Mel slammed the show for giving Stephen "a platform" on which to speak. When the host read Stephen's reply, Mel said, "Oh god. I don't want to hear that."

Mel became visibly upset when the hosts said they were obligated by their producers to read Belafonte's response. However, they both said they were on "team Mel," as were everyone else on the show.

As it was previously reported, Mel B has been involved in a personal - and legal - battle with her ex-husband for the last year, following her claims that he was an abusive man.

It was revealed last year that Stephen supposedly had an affair with the nanny, Lorraine Gilles. But other reports indicated that Mel was in a relationship with both Gilles and Belafonte at the same time. It was an arrangement to which she allegedly agreed.


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