Mel B's Former Nanny Lorraine Gilles Is Set To Sue The Former Spice Girl

Mel B's Former Nanny Lorraine Gilles Is Set To Sue The Former Spice Girl

Mel B's former nanny Lorraine Gilles plans to sue the ex-Spice Girl for defamation following the claims that Gilles was having an affair and allegedly extorting the old Spice Girl for money using private information and photographs.

The Dancing With The Stars alumni is suing Lorraine who allegedly became pregnant with Belafonte's baby before having an abortion.

The "Wannabe" singer accused the former nanny and her ex-husband for "pilfering money" from her and for using the star's personal sex tapes as blackmail.

TMZ reported a person couldn't be sued for the information they provide in court papers, but California family law makes exceptions when someone makes a claim against a third party, in this case being Gilles.

As Celebrity Insider readers know, Mel had previously been granted a restraining order against the child care worker, which banned Lorraine from any communication with the pop singer or coming within 100 yards of her.

The pop star was also given permission to access a storage locker rented by Lorraine because of her intent to hold on to confidential material that would threaten the livelihood of the former Spice Girl.

Police and her lawyers eventually gained access to the facility, and they found nothing in spite of the fact that judge ruled Lorraine must not remove anything from the locker.

The America's Got Talent judge was awarded a restraining order from her ex-husband whom she shares a child with, named Madison who is five-years-old.

Mel B alleged the abuse started within the first year of their marriage in 2007 when regular physical altercations and threats became a pattern where Stephen allegedly chose to verbally and physically intimidate the pop singer whenever he saw her career becoming more successful.


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