Mel B’s Ex Lesbian Lover Reveals The Star Would Cover Up For Her Abusive Husband When She Asked About Her Bruises!

Mel B’s Ex Lesbian Lover Reveals The Star Would Cover Up For Her Abusive Husband When She Asked About Her Bruises!

According to Mel B's former lesbian lover, the star covered up bruises to hide her husband’s abusive behavior.

The woman has decided to reveal the lengths Mel went to keep secret the abuse she suffered at the hands of Stephen Belafonte.

44 years old Christa Parker revealed that Mel B would always come up with excuses for the bruises she spotted on her skin.

Christa also confirmed Mel’s allegations that the man would force her into threesomes and film them.

“Melanie should have divorced Stephen a few years ago, maybe she should never have married him knowing his track record,” Parker stated.

“It’s a good thing she finally woke up after everything he has put her through, and finally decided to call it quits.”

Christa and Mel met one day when dropping their kids at school and started dating. After they had broken up, Mel married Belafonte.

They remained friends and met even afterward. Every time Christa confronted her about the bruises on her arms Mel made excuses. Often she claimed she fell to cover up for Belafonte.

As fans may remember, the former X Factor judge reportedly missed one episode back in 2014 after a particularly horrible confrontation with Belafonte that ended in a suicide attempt.

“When they got together, he [Belafonte] thought he had money, alcohol, threesomes and all the girls... he didn’t care,” claimed Christa.

After the divorce had been announced, Mel B’s court documents made public the torture she’s been through for years.

The star claimed he choked her, beat her up and often threatened and blackmailed her.

Mel B was granted a temporary restraining order against him recently.

Stephen Belafonte continues to deny the accusations and claims she is trying to ruin his reputation.

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  • Margo Mays
    Margo Mays Apr 30, 2017 10:54 AM PDT

    Just a straight dog she should have told him homie don't play that it's not that much love I'm the world to make u do three some u got kids number one of he wanted another person in their bed he should have went elsewhere an then left him no respect for himself nor his wife

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