Mel B’s Abusive Husband Accused Her Of Having An Affair With Simon Cowell!

Mel B’s Abusive Husband Accused Her Of Having An Affair With Simon Cowell!

As more and more secrets regarding Mel B’s and Stephen Belafonte’s marriage are revealed, we have learned that Simon Cowell has been unfairly accused of being one important reason why their marriage failed.

According to reports, Belafonte thought Mel B and her X Factor co-judge were having an affair!

“Stephen’s jealousy at that point was causing massive problems in the marriage — and he was convinced something was going on between her and Simon,” an insider claimed.

“He did not like the fact Mel obviously looked up to him and spoke about him a lot.”

As fans may recall, back in 2014, Mel B missed the first night of the show’s finale because she overdosed on pills and was taken to the hospital.

It was revealed only recently that the reason why she ended up in the hospital was because she tried to commit suicide during a particularly horrible fight with her husband.

As it turns out, Belafonte accused her of sleeping with Simon Cowell at the time. The second night of the event Mel managed to attend but some of the bruises could not be covered up completely.

“He just couldn’t control his jealousy and anger when she was appearing on such a high-profile show with successful people that he didn’t know,” the insider stated.

We also learned that after the cast of X Factor and the crew, discovered how Belafonte treated Mel B, they banned him from the set.

Another insider also came forth to deny that there has ever been anything romantic between Mel and Simon and that they only have a professional relationship.

Did you ever think that there was something more between Mel B and Simon Cowell?


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  • Dora Serna
    Dora Serna Apr 26, 2017 11:10 AM PDT

    The accusers always the abuser waiting for the moment to bruser. She is a special lady, being an example to her children. Aint got time for acting like looser.

  • dw
    dw Apr 17, 2017 11:53 AM PDT

    Digging for dirt, Stephen. You live in it dirtbag, why look?

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