Mel B Under Investigation For Allegedly Intimidating The Witness!

Mel B Under Investigation For Allegedly Intimidating The Witness!

Mel B is in trouble! The LAPD is investigating the allegations against Mel B which claim she "tampered with a witness," who was involved in her legal battle with Stephen Belafonte, her ex-husband, and Lorraine Gilles, their ex-nanny.

A report from E! News claimed that Siya - most known for being a rapper - filed a police report of witness intimidation on the morning of Monday, September 11th, 2017.

According to the declaration, Mel B allegedly sent her messages in regard to the restraining orders against Gilles as well as Belafonte.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department claimed the "threats" were made by text message and the case continues.

Siya will testify against the Spice Girl's singer and will refute the claims of domestic abuse levied against him.

The witness will share information regarding the relationship between Gilles, Mel, and Belafonte.

The drama between the pair continues to heat up after the judge from America's Got Talent filed for divorce back in March of 2017 . Not long after, a custody battle ensued, and the pair has been fighting ever since.

As was previously reported by Celebrity Insider , Belafonte filed a motion in court to gain legal parenting rights to Mel's child with Eddie Murphy, Madison.

Stephen claimed he raised the young girl from the beginning and presented messages as evidence of their relationship.

Be that as it may, Mel doesn't want Stephen in her daughter's life because Stephen allegedly "forced her" into sexual altercations with the nanny and himself .

However, Stephen's attorneys-at-law claim the accusations are baseless and entirely unfounded. If that isn't bad enough, the former singer from Spice Girls claimed Belafonte impregnated Lorraine, their nanny.

Lorraine responded by claiming Mel B was partly to blame because she "seduced" her with alcohol, physical intimacy, as well as fame.

Most recently, a judge from a Los Angeles court granted Mel a 5-year civil harassment restraining order against Lorraine.


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