Mel B Responds To Abusive Husband's Drug Abuse Accusations: 'I Refuse To Be A Victim Anymore'

Mel B Responds To Abusive Husband's Drug Abuse Accusations: 'I Refuse To Be A Victim Anymore'

Mel B’s ex Stephen Belafonte has filed for stepfather visitation rights to 10-year-old Angel – the biological daughter of Eddie Murphy, on September 1. Now, the star opened up about the situation as well as about everything that she has gone through.

In the court documents, the allegedly abusive man stated that he is scared for the kids’ safety as Mel B has a cocaine and alcohol addiction problem.

In an official statement following Belafonte’s accusations, Mel said that the legal system would reveal the truth.

In addition, the former Spice Girls member claimed that although she’s stayed quiet about the war between her and Belafonte for the sake of the children, she now refuses ‘to be a victim anymore.’

Belafonte also claims that not only has Angel only met Murphy twice in her life, but the girl was also unaware Belafonte was not her biological father until after her mom filed for divorce.

‘Angel has called Respondent 'dad' since Angel began to speak,’ the document reads.

The man also argued that Mel initially agreed to allow him to visit Angel frequently and it was an official agreement with an intermediary.

However, the very next day she took the kids away from him and then left the house they used to share.

‘The biggest reason for my concern with respect to the safety of the children was due to Petitioner's habitual and consistent addiction to and abuse of cocaine and alcohol,’ Belafonte claimed, adding that what made matters worse was the fact that Mel abruptly fired the kids’ nanny who had been in their lives since 2010.

According to him, she did it because the nanny had witnessed the marital issues caused by her alcohol and drug addiction.

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