Mel B Got Another Restraining Order - This Time Against The Nanny Lorraine Gilles!

Mel B Got Another Restraining Order - This Time Against The Nanny Lorraine Gilles!
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It looks like the situation between Mel and Stephen is continuing to get worse!

According to new reports, there have been new developments in the highly publicized case between Stephen Belafonte and Mel B.

Not long after Mel B was given a temporary restraining order against her former husband, Stephen Belafonte, the former Spice Girl was granted yet another order except this time from the couple's former nanny.

Mel B's attorney and judge granted the order which aimed to "prevent Ms. Gilles from annoying, harassing, molesting and coming within 100 years of the client."

The former Spice Girl has been engaged with a long and nasty custody battle with her ex-husband. The situation has gotten messier! Mel claims in addition to Lorraine having an affair with Belafonte, Lorraine Gilles, the former nanny, is also attempting to extort the singer for money.

Apparently, Lorraine Gilles has access to a storage locker, which is filled with personal items Mel B doesn't want to get out including explicit video's involving Mel and Stephen and other private photos that Stephen threatened to release to the public.

According to reports, Mel is directly accusing Lorraine and Stephen of extortion, alleging that when she tried to fire the nanny back in January 2015, Stephen had a temper tantrum and called Lorraine his "ride or die bitch."

The former pop star said her husband threatened to release the tapes unless Mel was willing to re-hire Lorraine and give her a raise as well.

The Los Angeles Judge demanded Gilles not to come within 100 yards from Mel as well as not engaging in any verbal communication. The judge also ordered Lorraine not to remove any of the contents from the public locker.


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