Mel B Finds Support In Estranged Husband’s Ex Girlfriend Who Was Also Abused: “He’s A Monster!”

Mel B Finds Support In Estranged Husband’s Ex Girlfriend Who Was Also Abused: “He’s A Monster!”

Mel B has found an unexpected ally in Stephen Belafonte’s former girlfriend who has decided to reveal how she lived in fear of the “monster.”

Nicole Contreras and the X Factor judge met just less than a week ago but they started talking and they already formed a friendship based on their common experiences of abuse from the same man.

Nicole claims she “still carries the scars” of the assault that got Belafonte convicted back in 2010.

The woman explained to a friend that Mel B was the one who contacted her, asking for help after she filed for a restraining order, adding that Mel felt alone in her battle and so she decided to support her.

Contreras also stated that while the world believed Mel was happy with Stephen she was aware that the star was going through the same ordeals as her.

“It was as though I was watching my life being replayed all over again. I saw the bruises, the cuts, the scratches. I too suffered the same. He’s a monster.”

Nicole’s testimony in court could be a great help to prove the validity of her claims against Belafonte who has strongly denied Mel’s allegations.

Last week, a judge granted her a restraining order after Mel B revealed the man she called husband subjected her to over ten years of physical abuse.

As fans may already know, Belafonte allegedly forced her into threesomes he secretly had at their home with “random women.”

In addition, he also got their nanny pregnant and suggested that she should move in with them. Seeing that Mel was completely against the absurd idea, the man paid the nanny to get an abortion.

What do you think of the new alliance and comfort Mel B has found in Belafonte’s ex?

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