Mel B Details Heartbreaking Suicide Attempt - She Couldn’t Take Her Husband’s Abuse Anymore!

Mel B Details Heartbreaking Suicide Attempt - She Couldn’t Take Her Husband’s Abuse Anymore!

More than two years ago, the shocking news that Mel B had overdosed took the world by storm and now, the former Spice Girls member has finally opened up about what led to the horrible incident that could have killed her.

The 41 years old star has revealed everything in her restraining order request against her husband, Stephen Belafonte. Mel B confessed that the overdose was, in fact, a suicide attempt after a night of horrific abuse by her husband.

Mel B claims that Belafonte’s abuse and “mind games” became so “overwhelming” that in a moment of “emotional and physical exhaustion” she didn’t want to live anymore and she swallowed an entire bottle of Aspirin.

Mel B added that after the moment of weakness passed she regretted the decision to take her own life and tried to call for an ambulance. However, her abusive husband took her phone away and locked her in the bedroom, telling her to “’die, b****!’”

Mel B finally managed to break down the lock as it was very old but Belafonte blocked it so she couldn’t come out.

“Each time I would pry the door open and try to squeeze out, Respondent would slam the door on my head,” she alleges in the document. “I kept telling him that I wanted to get my stomach pumped and I begged him to let me out.”

Eventually, a friend came by and called for an ambulance but the husband turned the help away.

The next morning, a driver noticed she was badly hurt and took her to the hospital.

At that point, reports about the abuse began circling and Belafonte asked her to say she tried to commit suicide publicly but she refused.

The X Factor judge recalled how her abusive husband threatened to tell the press about her attempt “so I would lose my job.”

“He berated me and called me stupid.”

After a decade of living a nightmare, Mel B filed for a divorce in March of 2017.

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