Megyn Kelly Struggling To Book New ‘Today’ Guests Amid Show Controversy

Megyn Kelly Struggling To Book New ‘Today’ Guests Amid Show Controversy

Following her huge mess-ups with guests Debra Messing and Jane Fonda, it looks like Megyn Kelly is having huge problems getting other stars to appear on her NBC show. According to a source on the set, Hollywood celebs have no issues with appearing on the Today show – but they won’t be caught dead on Kelly’s segment!

‘It’s become too controversial. It is all about Meg and not the project you are promoting. Celebs go on these shows to promote CDs, movies, and projects. They do not go on it just hang out and have fun – and they certainly do not go on to become part of a controversy,’ the insider explained.

The source also felt sorry for Jane Fonda who was dragged into the scandal when she only wanted to talk about her new movie and not about her plastic surgery.

But Kelly just had to go and make it awkward!

In addition, talking about Messing’s statement that she regrets stopping by Megyn Kelly’s show, the source said: ‘Tonight was meant to be about the premiere of Will and Grace. Now it is all about Debra and Meg drama. This is helping no one.’

Do you believe that Kelly will get celebs to show up during her talk show segment or will the bizarre controversies she managed to create so fast already get her show canceled?

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