Megyn Kelly Refuses To Apologize To Staffers Who Lost Their Jobs When She Was Fired

Megyn Kelly Refuses To Apologize To Staffers Who Lost Their Jobs When She Was Fired
Credit: Source: NBC

Megyn Kelly's former NBC staffers were shocked when they learned she abandoned them after her forced exit from the network. NBC fired Kelly last week following her embarrassing blackface scandal, but she still refuses to apologize to all the staffers who lost their jobs as a result of her racist views.

Kelly found herself in hot water with NBC brass after she defended blackface during her segment on the Today show. Following backlash on social media, the network moved quickly and removed Kelly from the talk show.

In the wake of her exit, Kelly's former staffers have not heard anything from her and feel like she straight up abandoned them.

"Many people on Megyn’s staff haven’t heard a word from her since she was fired, and they’re pissed," an insider dished.

The source told Radar Online that a lot of Kelly's staffers expected an apology because she basically took them down with her. Kelly has not issued anything of the kind and has not even acknowledged what happened.

The network has tried their best to shift some of the staffers to new positions, but there are not enough open spots. The insider claims that around half of Kelly's staff were let go and are scrambling to find new work.

While her staffers deal with unemployment, Kelly is getting millions as part of her exit. NBC is reportedly giving the disgraced host around $40 million to close out her contract. They might also give her another job, which is not sitting well with her former staff.

In fact, a lot of the staff members feel like Kelly is being greedy and should compensate those who have lost their job because of her.

Kelly's segment on the Today show was suffering from poor ratings prior to the blackface scandal. She was in the middle of a three-year contract with the network and was pulling down $23 million a year. The exit money represents what is left on Megyn Kelly’s contract plus a little more.

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    Jinxi Rutherford-Richow Nov 6, 2018 6:28 AM PST

    Me-me-megyn. The blonde, bland, egotistical, right wing piece of excrement preferred by the Alt-White and Fox White News. She is a female Trump... with 'blood coming out everywhere' just a President Star Payment asserted.

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