Megyn Kelly Officially Out At 'Today'! How Much Did NBC Have To Fork Over To Make Her Go Away?

Megyn Kelly Officially Out At 'Today'! How Much Did NBC Have To Fork Over To Make Her Go Away?
Source: NBC

Megyn Kelly is finalizing a deal with NBC to wrap up the anchor’s bitter split with the network, and it looks like she will be walking away with nearly $30 million. The whopping sum will be part of Kelly’s exit package, and the money will be hers free and clear.

This new deal will terminate the $69 million deal she signed with NBC last year after leaving Fox News in early 2017. A little over one year into her contract, the peacock network fired Kelly from her 9 a.m. slot on Today after she questioned why it was racist to wear blackface for Halloween.

“The fact is, while she apologized to the staff, she owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country,” said Al Roker at the time.

An insider says that everyone at NBC - including Kelly - wants this whole ordeal to be over, and Comcast has the cash to pay her off.

According to Radar Online, many people at the network thought that Kelly’s exit would have happened a few weeks ago, but it is taking longer than expected because the paperwork is going back and forth.

One senior TV source says that NBC and Comcast decided to draw a line under the entire debacle and pay Kelly the full amount owed her in her contract to go away instead of fighting her and facing a lawsuit.

This won’t be the last that viewers see of the disgraced news anchor. Insiders say that this is far from the end of the 48-year-old’s TV career. And, after taking a short break, Kelly will likely be back on cable news as the 2020 election gets closer.

In the era of Trump, there aren’t many broadcasters on TV like Kelly, and even though she failed to win over viewers on Today, there is no doubt we will see her again.

That didn’t keep Kelly from experiencing an immediate backlash from fans and a lashing from Roker after her controversial comments. Roker said that blackface has a history going back to the 1830s, with minstrel shows demeaning and denigrating a race, and it wasn’t right.

Roker added that he is old enough to have lived through the era of Amos N Andy , where two white people performed in blackface playing two black characters, and it magnified the worst stereotypes about black people. And, that is what the problem is.

So far, reps for Megyn Kelly have declined to comment.

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