Megyn Kelly Joins Instagram And Launches YouTube Channel With Shocking Exclusive Interview

Megyn Kelly Joins Instagram And Launches YouTube Channel With Shocking Exclusive Interview
Credit: Source: Instagram

Megyn Kelly has started her comeback. But, instead of signing a large multi-year contract worth millions with another network, the former Fox News and NBC host is going rogue with her own YouTube channel. Branding her channel “MK,” Kelly launched her new venture by posting an exclusive interview with 25-year-old Ashley Bianco, the Emmy-winning producer who was fired this week after video was leaked of Amy Robach complaining about ABC killing her Jeffrey Epstein story three years ago.

Bianco was a producer at Good Morning America for three years, but she just switched networks and started a new job at CBS. She says that on her fourth day with CBS, they fired her after ABC called and accused her of leaking the Robach video.

Bianco insists she had nothing to do with leaked video. And, even though she was the producer who “clipped” the video for her job, she never downloaded it, emailed it, or did anything with the clip after the day it was recorded, which was August 19th.

“I clip off moments all the time,” explained Bianco. “I put together funny anchor reels of them off-camera doing funny stuff to use later in the show.”

She says that she never went back and watched the clip, and she never thought about it again after that day. Bianco added that she had never heard of Project Veritas - which is the right-wing activist group that actually posted the hot mic video - until the story broke and she was fired.

In the leaked video, Robach is in between recording different promos for Good Morning America , and she starts complaining about ABC killing her Jeffery Epstein sex slave story in 2016. She was seemingly frustrated that the network shut it down after complaints from the palace because of Epstein’s connection to Prince Andrew. Robach said ABC was concerned they would never have access to Prince William or Kate Middleton.

“We were so afraid we weren’t be able to interview Kate and Will that we … quashed the story … It was unbelievable what we had, Clinton … I tried for three years to get it on [air],” says Robach.

Since the hot mic comments were leaked, Amy Robach has backtracked and now says she never could find anyone who could corroborate her Epstein story.

As for how Megyn Kelly scored this interview for her new YouTube channel, Page Six is reporting that Ashley Bianco approached Kelly about it so she could set the record straight.


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