Megyn Kelly Husband Douglas Brunt Blasts Vanity Fair Over Matt Lauer Story

Megyn Kelly Husband Douglas Brunt Blasts Vanity Fair Over Matt Lauer Story
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Megyn Kelly's husband, Douglas Brunt, is furious over an article that was posted by Vanity Fair, and he took to social media to defend his wife. This week, the publication shared a piece, which confirmed the rumors flying around claiming that Matt Lauer had a long list of reasons to worry about Kelly's move to the network. According to the article, NBC has set up a plan that consists of making Kelly the star of the network for her to take over "The Today Show" eventually in a couple of years.

A source told VF: "It was all about replacing Matt Lauer in a couple of years. They want to protect the Today show, and they will build the Today show around her. I know she is going to be sitting in one of those chairs eventually."

Many other surprising details were revealed in the piece including the fact that the former host of "The Kelly File" will be earning between $15 million and $17 million per year - whereas Lauer is getting an annual salary of $28 million.

Fox had offered her $20 million, and she declined. The online magazine also spoke about a pre-Golden Globe dinner hosted by NBCUniversal vice chairman Ron Meyer in honor of Jimmy Fallon.

According to VF, both Kelly and Brunt were present at the event, and many were baffled by the bodyguards who surrounded the couple. An insider told VF that they believe that the veteran reporter needs protection because of her feud with Donald Trump.

The piece read: "Even in a room filled with stars, and the executives who create them, Kelly’s entrance made quite an impression. On the one hand, despite being surrounded by people often far more famous, some attendees mistook Kelly’s companions as her security detail."

Kelly’s spouse blasted the article in a rather strange way. Mr. Brunt said there are no facts to back the story and explained nothing about the Lauer replacement portion. The author of "Ghosts of Manhattan" tweeted that there were no guards with Kelly.

He explained: "Another fact-free piece from @Sarahlellison.Even her 1st 'fact' is wrong:@megynkelly went to party w/me-no guards. Accuracy worse from there."

The 45-year-old novelist from Philadelphia added: "Almost as bad as In Touch Wkly. Irresponsible reporting not worthy of @VanityFair."

Another oddity, Brunt failed to deny the claims that Lauer was not told that Kelly was moving to the network.


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