Megyn Kelly Failed To Deliver Great Ratings - NBC Now Regrets Firing Tamron Hall

Megyn Kelly Failed To Deliver Great Ratings - NBC Now Regrets Firing Tamron Hall
Credit: NBC

NBC has buyer's remorse after dumping Tamron Hall for the arrival of Megyn Kelly.

As Hall is busy enjoying a lavish vacation in Greece, reports are coming in claiming that the network is regretting the hiring of Kelly.

Fans of Hall were shocked in early February after she left TODAY without a proper on-air goodbye.

The Texan reporter and fashionista abruptly exited the morning gabfest because she did not want to settle.

Hall's hour was canceled for Kelly's new morning program.

Since arriving on the Peacock Network, the former FOX News Channel leading lady has been hit with low ratings and controversies.

The former attorney's failure to shine on the network has the heads of NBC wishing they kept Hall around.

Kelly's Sunday night show was supposed to run during the summer, but executives pulled it back because it did not attract a broad audience.

A source spoke to The Daily Beast and explained: “A lot of people were watching the magazine show to try to get a sense of her appeal to the daytime demographic and a sense of how she would be outside of the Fox environment.”

Another insider claimed Donald Trump nemesis' is professional and will deliver the ratings expected when her show debuts later this month.

The person shared: “The Sunday show struggled and tried to be very splashy and even controversial, but the Today show is a different format with a very strong underlying brand. She should be able to excel there even if the Sunday show was perceived as compromised. They’re totally different animals.”

After eight months of traveling all over the US delivering paid speeches, Hall is set to have a show of her own.

Harvey Weinstein, the company’s co-chairman that will produce the program, said: "she’s an exceptionally talented journalist."

Hall is soaking up the sun and showing her beach body in Greece.

She said in a post: "#sundaymood #issawrap on this trip but I'm mindful of the blessings. I hope you have a wonderful loving Sunday. Love, hugs, and prayers in no assigned order. Well prayers first, of course, lol #smile Bye #Mykonos next stop #NYC."

Fans loved the look.

One said: "Greece is one of my absolute favorite places. Thank you for sharing your pics!"

A second commenter shared: "Missing you on Today show!! What are you up to now?"

Do you think Kelly's morning show will succeed?

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  • Nancy L Levy
    Nancy L Levy Sep 11, 2017 2:23 AM PDT

    Tamron is a much more likable persona, than Meghan. She comes across with a "better than you" attitude. Her interview with that idiot over the Newtown, CT shootings tanked her a**.

  • Trixi
    Trixi Sep 9, 2017 9:13 AM PDT

    Both are over-rated

  • Brenda Meeks
    Brenda Meeks Sep 8, 2017 12:30 PM PDT

    We love you Tamara! Can't wait To see you back on TV. We really miss you. Your spirit and personality came through on TV. You're professional yet you have heart. Yes and let's not forget your great style while being an outstanding journalist?

  • Wanda Lukasik
    Wanda Lukasik Sep 8, 2017 8:09 AM PDT

    Welcome to the loser station with their loser hosts ....too bad.

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