Megyn Kelly Demanding $10 Million More From NBC To Keep Her Mouth Shut

Megyn Kelly Demanding $10 Million More From NBC To Keep Her Mouth Shut
Credit: Source: NBC

Megyn Kelly plans to keep quiet about her exit from NBC , but only if the network forks over $10 million. Inside sources revealed that NBC offered to pay Kelly the remainder of her contract money if she signed a confidentiality agreement. Kelly countered by asking for $10 million for her signature.

The network was reportedly willing to hand over $38 million to cut ties with the Today host. As part of the negotiations, NBC attached a confidentiality agreement, which is standard in the industry.

Kelly’s lawyer, however, rejected the initial offer and said she would only sign if they added $10 million to the deal. NBC was not happy about the counter offer and basically told Kelly’s attorney off.

Given Kelly’s history, the network might rethink her offer. According to TMZ , Kelly bashed her former employer, Fox News, after she left and signed with NBC.

In her memoir, Settle for More , Kelly slammed the conservative network and has criticized them on multiple occasions ever since. Insiders say that the negotiations are still in the works, so it is possible that Kelly reaches an agreement and signs the disclosure.

Kelly is leaving the Today show following her embarrassing blackface scandal, but she had problems long before making headlines for racist comments.

In fact, her segment on the Today show has suffered through low ratings ever since she took over. The blackface comments were the final straw for NBC, who was looking for an excuse to move on.

As far as Kelly’s future is concerned, her days in front of the cameras may not be over. Experts believe that she can make a comeback, but it might take a while before another network takes a risk on her.

Until then, it will be interesting to see what Megyn Kelly does and how she separates herself from her latest scandal.

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  • Desiree
    Desiree Nov 2, 2018 1:06 PM PDT

    Megan kelly is not at fault for their ratings flopping down, it was already in trouble. I can't believe the shaddiness, with these people, Dog eat dog.... AL is a big baby and needs to keep his mouth shut!!!!!

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