Meghan Trainor Secretly Needed Surgery For Her Voice

Meghan Trainor Secretly Needed Surgery For Her Voice

Meghan Trainor has kept herself out of the public eye and for a good reason. The famous "All About That Bass" singer underwent surgery on her vocal cords.

The writer and performer revealed the news on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday. She told Ellen she could no longer talk since December of this year. It took three months of resting before the surgery could take place, and then she was still worried if she would be able to perform on the show.

Trainor said she was able to push through the difficulties of the surgery and made it happen.

The singer stressed the importance of having her boyfriend, Daryl Sabara, by her side. While the experience was traumatic, she didn't have to worry because her boyfriend was right next to her. Daryl even learned sign language so the singer could communicate with him while her vocal cords were healing.

Ellen was very happy for the famous singer and congratulated her on finding a great boyfriend. Trainor continued to celebrate her romance when she said "I did it! I found one! He's better than whatever I wished for."

Trainor told Cosmopolitan magazine that her relationship with her boyfriend has increased her confidence.

"No one expressed how they liked my body out loud in the bedroom until I met Daryl," the I Love Me singer exclaimed. "He is obsessed with it—every inch. And that has improved my confidence more than even 'Bass' did."

Trainor first became a pop sensation with her album Title which came out in 2015. Since then she became known as an advocate for body-positive attitudes and anti-bullying.

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