Meghan McCain Says 'Wanting To Be Armed' In The USA Is Not That Uncommon Outside Of Major Cities

Meghan McCain Says 'Wanting To Be Armed' In The USA Is Not That Uncommon Outside Of Major Cities
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Page Six says Meghan McCain is still upset after the publication reported on Meghan's move to her home in Virginia from New York City amid the coronavirus pandemic. McCain supposedly took to her Twitter account to write that her neighborhood in Manhattan looked like a "war zone."

A comedy writer poked fun at Meghan's comments, stating that she and The View co-host lived in the same neighborhood and everything looked fine. Another source close to the ABC host claimed Meghan wasn't even in the city at the time of her post.

She reportedly went back to her home in Virginia to be in a place where she could be around guns. Representatives for Meghan denied the allegation, arguing that she went home to be with her family and not with her guns.

In response to the report this week, Meghan wrote that the allegation was clearly designed to make her seem like "some kind of nut," despite the fact that for most Americans living outside of major cities, owning or wanting to own a gun is a completely normal thing.

Meghan was in the news for other reasons this past month, including on the 22nd of June, 2020, when Nick Markus picked up on comments from The View co-host in which she poked fun at Donald Trump's recent Tusla, Oklahoma, rally.

Donald Trump held a reelection campaign in the city which reportedly had a small turnout. McCain mocked the president for claiming there were a million tickets sold, even though the stadium never even filled up.

Meghan, during an episode of The View , joked that she felt very entertained by seeing that only 6,200 people went to the campaign rally. Meghan joked that it was entertaining to see Trump and his team's estimates fall short by 1,800 people.

She claimed there was supposed to be 8,000 people there, however, only 6,200 people showed up.

Trump's campaign rallies have been controversial due to the coronavirus pandemic. For instance, Trump hasn't demanded the attendees to wear masks, leading the president to receive negative news coverage.

Pop stars such as P!nk mocked the president's rally as well. 

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