Meghan McCain Passionately Spreads A Light On African-American Coronavirus Death Spike

Meghan McCain Passionately Spreads A Light On African-American Coronavirus Death Spike
Credit: Source: ABC

The Coronavirus pandemic is growing more deadly by the day. Recent research shows that African-Americans are dying at a higher rate than anyone else.

It was reported that over the weekend, Chicago  saw African-Americans make up nearly 70% of Coronavirus related deaths regardless of the fact that African-Americans only make up about 30% of its population.

The disproportionate death rates are not just Illinois but around the entire nation.

Donald Trump addressed the startling fact in a recent White House Press Briefing where he said that they will be collecting data and seeing why this is happening.

Some of the obvious reasons include that black and brown people are more likely to have essential jobs, less access to healthcare, and pre-existing conditions that makes the respiratory illness harder to beat.

The View host Meghan McCain was one of the firsts to shed light on the racial bias and call for the government to provide medical care for less privileged communities.


'One of the things over the weekend that I have been particularly scared and alarmed by is the absolute racial inequality that this virus is hitting. These numbers are across the board. Especially in New York City, they’re all comparable. There was a thought that maybe this virus would be some kind of equalizer for everyone, and if anything, the coronavirus has shown that this racial bias is showing up in larger numbers. And it’s very hard to watch this country let an entire segment of the country get sicker and die faster.'

She went on to passionately say: 'We need to start sending medical care into different communities and different areas that don’t have the same kind of access to medical care that everyone on this show does. his will be one of the moments in history that, particularly, will come out very damning.'

It's great to see people in the public eye shedding a light on such a serious problem.

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