Meghan McCain Hater Says She Would Be 'Flipping Burgers' If She Weren't John McCain's Daughter And She Claps Back!

Meghan McCain Hater Says She Would Be 'Flipping Burgers' If She Weren't John McCain's Daughter And She Claps Back!
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One hater tweeted that, without her dad's name and influence, Meghan McCain would have never been able to have a job such as the one she has on The View! That being said, the outspoken woman was quick to clap back at the right-wing commentator who suggested she would be working in a fast-food establishment if not for simply being John McCain's daughter.

It all started with Meghan making it clear on The View, that she supports Donald Trump's impeachment.

In response, right-wing extremist, Brigitte Gabriel, who is also the founder of anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America, took to her Twitter account to drag her for her opinion.

More precisely, Gabriel told that people shouldn't 'listen to or trust RINOS' such as Meghan.

In case you don't know, RINOS stands for Republicans In Name Only.

'Oh, sweetie…. there’s gotta be an easier way to get booked on your sad cable news hits at 4 am than tweeting junk at me,' The View star clapped back.

But that was not the end of their interaction.

Instead, a back and forth followed, the Trump supporter tweeting next that: 'You would be flipping burgers if not for your father, who by the way was a terrible and incredibly corrupt Senator.'

As you might know, her dad, John McCain, is the late Arizona Senator who died of a brain tumour back in 2018 and Meghan was really close to her father, which is why she never takes such insults directed at him.

This time around, she proved she did not take the other seriously by simply retweeting her post and adding a gif of Marcia Brady saying 'Sure, Jan,' alongside it.

As mentioned before, on today's episode of The View, Meghan McCain stressed that she could not defend her fellow Republicans who still support Trump.


She explained: 'I believe President Trump should be impeached. I believe that we have to take a stand and have a fine line about what's acceptable for a president to do or not. He incited a riot. People got violent. People died.'

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