Meghan McCain Admits Her ‘Worst Fear’ Right Now Is The Media's Reaction To Her Not Losing The Baby Weight Fast Enough!

Meghan McCain Admits Her ‘Worst Fear’ Right Now Is The Media's Reaction To Her Not Losing The Baby Weight Fast Enough!
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On the newest episode of The View, Meghan McCain opened up about her biggest fear and it’s pretty surprising! According to the conservative pundit, the thing she fears most is receiving backlash over not shedding the baby weight fast enough after giving birth!

As you might know, Meghan is pregnant with her first baby and it so happened that the topic of discussion on The View earlier today was celebrity weight loss!

Whoopi Goldberg started the conversation focused on Adele’s incredible transformation given the fact that the singer has dropped no less than 100 pounds.

The star just shared a picture from her birthday celebration in which she was showing off her new fit frame while wearing a little black dress that put her legs and tiny waist on display.

Whoopi argued that there is ‘something about the reaction to Adele’s weight that validates the fact that you need to be thin to be valued in this world. And it kind of confirms all of the fears women like me have that if only I'd lose 30 something pounds maybe the media would love me more.

Meghan then shared her view on this, saying that: ‘I was talking to my sister in law and was telling her that one of the weird parts about being pregnant during this pandemic is that the world does not get to see my body changing because you guys only see me from the waist up. And one of my biggest fears when we hope to come back to the show, is the media’s reaction will be to the weight I gain being pregnant and then if I do not lose it fast enough.’

She went on to stress once again that her worst fear at the moment is unrelated to the election or politics in general but rather how the media is going to react to her body's transformation after having her baby.

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  • Dianna Goodman
    Dianna Goodman May 9, 2020 8:47 AM PDT

    Megan. You are so beautiful and your smart, don't let ignorent live in you head rent free. Keep being smart beautiful like you are. Now, Carry on🥰

  • Judith maupin
    Judith maupin May 8, 2020 9:44 AM PDT

    She should act cool and collected no matter what they say. It will due out when theres not attention to it.

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