Meghan Markle's Wardrobe Reportedly Cost 6 Times What Kate Middleton's Did In 2018

Meghan Markle's Wardrobe Reportedly Cost 6 Times What Kate Middleton's Did In 2018
Credit: Source: Express UK

Meghan Markle took the fashion world by storm and now we know exactly what it cost.

We have all heard of the “Kate effect” when it comes to fashion. Ever since she became the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011, anytime Kate Middleton wows fans with an outfit, it quickly sells out in stores and online. But now, there is the “Markle Sparkle,” and wearing the same clothes as the Duchess of Sussex comes with a hefty price tag.

After starring as Rachel Zane for seven seasons on Suits , Markle brought her Hollywood fashion sense to the UK, and she has regularly wowed fans with her stunning outfits at different high-profile events.

According to The Mirror, Markle’s wardrobe in 2018 cost around $500,000 (£406,662.55), which is way more than any other UK royal, and that total doesn’t even include her designer wedding gown, since it doesn’t have a retail price.

Researchers at the fashion blog UFO No More discovered that Markle had the most expensive wardrobe in the family this past year, and that massive total does include the Cartier Reflection Wedding Bracelet and Earrings that were thought to be a gift from Prince Charles. Researchers claimed that Markle’s wedding jewelry cost around £185,000 ($235,000).

UFO No More says that they included the bracelet and earrings because it hasn’t been confirmed that they were a present. However, even if they would have left those out, Markle would still be in the lead.

Markle’s wardrobe ended up costing nearly six times as much as Middleton’s, whose wardrobe totaled £68,334.23 ($87,000). The closest contender to Markle was Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary, but there was still a  £300,000 ($380,334.30) difference between the two.

Kensington Palace has declined to comment on Markle’s wardrobe, but they have clarified that it is “privately funded.” The Duchess’ net worth is estimated to be around £3.5million ($4.45 million), so she's certainly able to fund her fashion choices.

Researchers from UFO No More (which stands for Unidentified Fashion Objects) examined every piece of clothing that the European royals debuted this past year and then calculated the total cost of each item they wore in public.

"Out of 1,663 new pieces debuted this year by these ladies - only 34 of these pieces did we estimate a price. We mention this in an effort to convey the most transparent and accurate view of the costs," researchers write on the UFO No More website.

But, just because Markle’s wardrobe is expensive, it hasn’t kept fans from trying to copy her look. Multiple outfits that she wore in 2018 quickly sold out in stores, making the “Meghan Effect” very real. And, economists at Brand Finance say that Meghan Markle pumped about $210 million into the British economy from fans copying her style.


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