Meghan Markle's Mother Will Not Spend Christmas With The Royals!

Meghan Markle's Mother Will Not Spend Christmas With The Royals!
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According to new reports, Duchess Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria is not going to spend the holidays with her daughter and the rest of the Royals. One source tells ET that she isn’t expected to be at Sandringham on Christmas this year – the estate where the British blue bloods usually spend the winter holidays.

Furthermore, the same insider also claims that at this time, there are no clear plans for the woman to move to London and into Frogmore Cottage with her pregnant daughter and son in law, Prince Harry.

Speaking of, just last month, Kensington Palace confirmed that Meghan and Harry are going to move out of their Kensington Palace home (two bedrooms) and into the Windsor Castle cottage (ten bedrooms) and start a new life together with their first child.

‘The construction underway is taking place in the hopes it will be livable and move in ready before the baby comes this spring. It is likely that Doria is going to spend extended vacations with Meghan and Harry, but a permanent move at this point is not in the cards,’ the source shared with the news outlet.

Another insider told ET last month that Doria would be spending at least a part of the Christmas celebration with her daughter and Prince Harry.

Furthermore, they also claimed that she would most likely be invited to attend church alongside the royal family.

‘Doria’s quiet dignity and grace at the royal wedding has earned her enormous respect from Meghan’s new in-laws.’

The insider noted that the younger of the two princes is very fond of his mother in law and revealed that Doria had been spending a lot of time at Harry and Meghan’s house.


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