Meghan Markle's Friend Jessica Mulroney Says She Was 'Suicidal' After She Was Canceled

Meghan Markle's Friend Jessica Mulroney Says She Was 'Suicidal' After She Was Canceled
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Jessica Mulroney was doing really well in the years leading up to her canceling in 2020. In 2018, Jessica was at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding on a sunny day, with her daughter, Ivy, acting as a bridesmaid. Her friend list included a long line of so-called "elite" people, and it appeared as though things were never going to go wrong.

However, in June of this year, the Canadian media personality was put on blast by Sasha Exeter for being a racist, and she lost - seemingly everything - overnight, including her television series, I Do, Redo . She also had to step down from a number of charities.

The New York Post reported this week that Jessica was left feeling "suicidal" and seriously questioning her self-worth once she lost her television show and her role on Good Morning America. During a conversation with the outlet, Mulroney claimed she felt the world believed the worst in her.

Friends who spoke with the Post claimed Mulroney has always battled anxiety and other mental health issues, however, once she was effectively "canceled," her anxiety and worries turned into severe depression and thoughts of suicide.

Her mother said it was a really hard time for her. She couldn't speak to anyone without crying, she felt horrible on the medication she had been put on, and her mom says Jessica didn't even want to send a text message to someone.

According to Ben, who subsequently quit his job as a television presenter, he would wake up in the morning, and if Jessica wasn't laying next to him, his mind would go to the worst places. Previously, Jessica seemed to be on top of the world.

Jessica is the wife of Ben Mulroney, the son of a former Prime Minister of Canada, and she's the best friend of Meghan Markle and also has a close relationship with Justin Trudeau . Her Instagram is filled with luxury vacations and other events which made it look like Jessica was riding in style.


Even though the loss of her various positions was hard on her, Jessica admitted that the worst part was the way in which many of her former friends, collaborators, and even the network she worked for, CTV, hadn't even asked her what really happened before distancing themselves.


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