Meghan Markle's Family Has Turned The Royal Family Into An Episode Of The Jerry Springer Show Insider Claims

Meghan Markle's Family Has Turned The Royal Family Into An Episode Of The Jerry Springer Show Insider Claims
Credit: Source: Page Six

Meghan Markle's dysfunctional family has caused her more trouble and headache than she probably ever imagined. The Duchess of Sussex is nearing her first anniversary with Prince Harry, and yet she is still dealing with a constant barrage from her father, half-brother, and half-sister, all of whom continue to bash her in the press.

In his new royal biography, Prince Harry: The Inside Story , Duncan Larcombe characterizes Markle's family as being "tacky" and claims they have turned the entire royal family into an episode of the Jerry Spring Show .

According to Daily Mail , Larcombe says the only saving grace is Markle's mom, Doria Ragland, who has exhibited excellent behavior compared to her ex-husband.

"She's maintained a dignified silence, she has done everything right," he shared.

A former bodyguard for the royals, Ken Wharfe, seemed to back up Larcombe's claims when he recently revealed that there is some concern that Markle's family will show up unannounced at an event. Wharfe explained how the security team was worried about the possibility of Markle's family showing up with a TV crew to catch a confrontation on camera.

Larcombe also gave credit to the reports that Prince Harry and Prince William are not happy about the rumors surrounding their wives. The author believes that the brothers are extremely defensive when it comes to their girls and that he almost got into a fight with Harry after publishing a story that wasn't true.

When it comes to the rumored feud between Markle and Middleton, Larcombe believes that there may be some truth to the reports. Larcombe explained that it is intriguing how the royal family has denied some rumors but left others unanswered.

Kensington Palace has not commented on Larcombe's new book or the allegations he leveled against Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The couple is currently getting ready for the birth of their first child, who is due to be born this spring.


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