Meghan Markle's Due Date Has Been Revealed -- Prince Harry Will Soon Become A Father

Meghan Markle's Due Date Has Been Revealed -- Prince Harry Will Soon Become A Father
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It appears that after some serious calculations by royal experts, they have been able to narrow down Meghan Markle's due date.

Reports coming from over the pond claim that Prince Harry and his wife will be expecting their bundle on April 28.

According to The Sun , they took account a long list of elements including when the American made her announcement and the date she took her maternity leave, the size of her baby bump.

Some say Meghan is having a girl, others claim a boy and few even believe she is carrying twins.

The royal couple, who currently on a lavish babymoon, has launched an official Instagram account where they promote various charities.

The pair stated: "What an incredibly special surprise the grassroots-led #globalsussexbabyshower was last Sunday! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are immensely grateful for the outpouring of love and support in anticipation of the birth of their first child."

They went on to say: "Instead of sending gifts, the couple has long planned to encourage members of the public to make donations to select charities for children and parents in need. If you already donated, the couple sends you their greatest thanks. If you are thinking about it, they ask that you kindly consider the following organizations they’ve selected, which we will highlight here over the next few days."

They concluded by: "The Duke and Duchess remain appreciative for your warm wishes and kindness during this especially happy time in their lives! Thank you for sharing the love. ❤️"

One critic said: "What happened to the “quiet girls trip” to NY to celebrate the upcoming birth... this was the statement made by the palace. Instead, it was a $75,000 a night suite at the Mark, Amal arriving in a red jumpsuit, dining at Laduree and the Polo Bar. To top it off, she flew home with the Clooney’s on their private jet- carbon footprint anyone?? Isn’t that the same Clooney’s worried about Global Warming 🤪🤪🥴🥴 Princess Diana stayed at the Carlyle and was dignified with her behavior in NY. Nouveau Richie behavior at it’s finest... 😞"

Another follower explained: "She is glowing. We love her.❤️ We hope Harry protects her from harm. She is very brave. This couple will change the face of the monarchy in Britain 🇬🇧Our love for Meghan & her family. 💕"

This supporter shared: "She may be giving birth at March/April, but her legs n her face still no signs of swellig..and she even still can wear her high heels..wahhh and as usual the "lovers" will say.. " cuz she do yoga" Kah Kah Kah.😂"

The world is excited and cannot wait to find out more about the new royal baby?

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