Meghan Markle's Controversial Half Sister Attacked By Piers Morgan On Live TV!

Meghan Markle's Controversial Half Sister Attacked By Piers Morgan On Live TV!
Credit: Source: Daily Express

We are just days away from the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but the actress’ dad, Thomas Markle, will not be walking her down the aisle this Saturday. Thomas, a former television lighting director, says he staged his paparazzi pictures, and he doesn’t want to embarrass his daughter or the royal family any further. He also revealed that he recently suffered a heart attack .

After Thomas gave his explanation for why he will be skipping the royal wedding, his daughter, Samantha Grant –who is Meghan’s half-sister – appeared on Good Morning Britain to shame the world’s media for invading Thomas’ privacy, but host Piers Morgan wasn’t having it.

According to E! News , Grant said that her dad was living a peaceful life in Mexico and he isn’t a recluse. She said he is an intelligent man who worked in entertainment for 40 years, and now he just wants peace and quiet. Grant claims that Thomas was trying to avoid the media, but they won’t leave him alone. They follow him down the freeway and have rented the house next to him, so at this point, he can’t even open his blinds or go anywhere without being followed.

Grant says the media has been highly intrusive and atrocious, and she thinks it is unethical. She also claims that the stress caused her father’s heart attack just one week before Meghan’s wedding.

It was this claim that enraged Morgan.

"You say this is all the media's fault, that he's not coming to the wedding because of this, because the media have been treating him in a shabby way. Many of our viewers may have watched your activities in a year and half and think that you have treated your sister, Meghan, in a shabby way," he told Grant, who is writing a tell-all book titled The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister .

He went on to say that this could be why Megan didn’t invite her sister to the wedding because, in the past, Grant has described her as “narcissistic” and “selfish.” But, she says those comments were from tabloids, and they are inaccurate.

She also explained that she encouraged her dad to stage the paparazzi photos because he felt defenseless, and a person has the right to say, “enough is enough.” Grant then said the “media vultures” took advantage of Thomas, but Morgan didn’t believe she was being honest.

Morgan said that the problem with Grant’s story is that Kensington Palace has bombarded the British media with letters saying that Thomas wanted the media to leave him alone. But now, it turns out he actively invaded his own privacy. Morgan says that he feels sorry for Meghan because she won’t have her dad at her wedding because of the situation. He then accused Grant of being the true media vulture when it comes to the Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

Morgan said that Grant has been trashing her sister for two years, and he couldn’t believe she would have the gall to go on television and talk about media vultures. He concluded by saying that his sympathies lie with Meghan, and he believes her father has let her down.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will marry on Saturday, May 19th at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. E!’s coverage will begin starting at 5 a.m. Eastern Time.


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