Meghan Markle Welcomed Back To The US By Feminist Gloria Steinem

Meghan Markle Welcomed Back To The US By Feminist Gloria Steinem
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Meghan Markle is thrilled to be back home in the United States of America, Page Six reported today, and apparently, other famous figures feel the same way about her return. Gloria Steinem recently said during an interview that she was "so glad" Meghan had come back home.

In a clip, Meghan responded by claiming she was glad to be back in the United States for "so many reasons." Reportedly, Meghan participated in a conversation for Maker's Women, a platform dedicated to empowering women.

The 38-year-old Suits alum spoke with the 86-year-old Gloria, claiming that a lot of women out there forget just how hard activists such as herself fought for women to be where they are today. Amid their conversation, the pair were joined by Meghan's dogs, including her black Labrador and beagle. Steinem jokingly pointed out that her dog wanted to be on camera.

According to Page Six, Meghan and Harry first adopted their dog back in 2018 not long after they got married. Guy, on the other hand, is a dog Meghan already owned before she met up with Prince Harry.

Fans of Markle know she's an advocate for women's rights and has been eager to voice her support for some of the most controversial movements of the modern era, including the Black Lives Matter protests that kicked off earlier this year.

Markle and her husband, Harry, have also been in the headlines for their legal battle with The Sun. Unfortunately for the formerly royal couple, it was reported that Meghan and Harry recently lost the first round of their legal dispute with the British newspaper, and they were ordered to pay their attorney fees.

Coincidentally, The Sun has also been taken to court by another A-list celebrity, Johnny Depp, who sued them for defamation among other transgressions. Depp filed a suit against them for calling him a "wife-beater" after it was revealed he was cast in a movie amid his Amber Heard drama.

Markle and Prince Harry have been as active as ever in the media ever since they left the royal family in January of his year.

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