Meghan Markle Terminates Canadian Lease To ‘Spend More Time’ In UK With Prince Harry!

Meghan Markle Terminates Canadian Lease To ‘Spend More Time’ In UK With Prince Harry!

One source close to the actress revealed that she is planning on terminating her Suits contract in December of this year. In addition, we have learned that Meghan Markle cut her car lease short, following reports that she wants to spend more time in the UK with her boyfriend, Prince Harry.

Despite the fact that she still lives in Toronto, Canada for now so she can shoot Suits, her contract ends in December, and it is yet unclear where she’ll go from there.

Speculations say that she’ll probably move to the UK and start preparing for her royal duties she’ll need to learn about prior to marrying Harry.

Another insider has claimed that the Prince has been looking to purchase the perfect home for him and Meghan to move in together.

But rumor says the prince has already popped the question during their trip to Botswana.

Fans are even more convinced that that’s the case after Meghan decided to open up about their relationship in a Vanity Fair interview.

She said that they were ‘happy and in love.’

Meghan Markle will be the first American to marry into the royal family in over 80 years!

Fortunately, it is very unlikely the Queen will oppose the marriage considering Harry is just fifth in line to the throne.

‘The Queen’s remarkably open-minded and she is very tolerant,’ the source said, adding that she thinks he can marry a girl coming from a middle-class background as long as they are ‘well suited.’

Even close pals of the prince know he is ‘madly in love’ with the American actress and would be very happy for them if they tied the knot.

Do you believe Meghan Markle will soon move to the UK and start living with her royal boyfriend?


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