Meghan Markle - 'Suits' Writer Jon Cowan Defends Her Amid Bullying Accusations!

Meghan Markle - 'Suits' Writer Jon Cowan Defends Her Amid Bullying Accusations!
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Following accusations of bullying made by former Royal Family staff members, Meghan Markle is now being defended by Suits writer Jon Cowan! Yesterday, Cowan took to social media to share his experience working with Markle on the show, stressing that the claims against Meghan do not sound like her at all!

As you might have heard, the reports going around claim Meghan would be so mean to staffers at the Palace that she's made some of them cry and others give up their jobs to get away from her bullying ways!

The Times previously published a 2018 complaint filed to HR by a royal staffer, in which they claimed that Meghan 'drove two personal assistants out of the household and she was undermining the confidence of a third staff member.'

In the meantime, a rep for Meghan has denied everything, calling the claims a 'calculated smear campaign based on misleading and harmful misinformation,' while the Palace has announced an investigation into the accusations is going to take place!

As for Cowan, his response came after a Twitter user mentioned the possibility that both Meghan and the palace are actually in the wrong.

'It's also possible the Duchess of Sussex's a good person thrust into an unimaginable world. Having spent three years working with her in her pre Duchess days, I saw a warm, kind and caring person. I know nothing of her current situation but Meghan gets the benefit of the doubt in my book.'

And he was not the only one to defend Meghan.

The former royal's longtime friend, Janina Gavankar, did the same!

'I have known Meghan for 17 years. Here’s what she is: kind, strong, open. Here is what she’s not: 'a bully.' ANY of us who know her, feel the same thing from her broken silence: Relief.'

Which do you think the truth is?

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