Meghan Markle Reveals That Her Return To America Felt 'Devastating' During The BLM Movement

Meghan Markle Reveals That Her Return To America Felt 'Devastating' During The BLM Movement
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Meghan Markle must have been excited to leave the palace and return to the United States when she and husband, Prince Harry decided to leave behind their royal titles and duties. However, her happiness was definitely lessened by the timing since it happened amid the fight for racial equality in the country after the killing of George Floyd and many others.

Now, the former Suits actress admitted that while it is ‘good to be home,’ it was ‘devastating’ to come back and see America in such a state.

Earlier today, she chatted with Emily Ramshaw for a  virtual interview and that is when she opened up about her feelings regarding the BLM movement, police brutality and more!

Obviously, after years of living in Canada and a few others of living in the U.K., Meghan was excited to come back home but she was definitely saddened by the internal turmoil going on and all the things the Black community is going through in her native country.

‘To come back and just see this state of affairs, I think, if I'm being honest, it was devastating. It was really sad to see where our country was at that moment. If there is any silver lining, I would say that in the weeks after the killing of George Floyd, in the peaceful protests, in the voices that were coming out, in the way people were actually owning their role…it shifted from sadness to inspiration, because I can see the tide is turning,’ Meghan revealed.

She went on to point out that it is really easy for people to focus on the negative parts ‘because it's what you hear…From my standpoint…I think to see the changes that are being made right now is something that I look forward to being part of, and using my voice in a way that I haven't been able to [lately].'

At that point, she started criticizing click-bait media and blaming it for everyone focusing on negativity. Check out the entire interview for more on what she had to say!

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