Meghan Markle Reportedly Told Friends That She Wants To 'Protect' Royal Title Rather Than Make Money From It

Meghan Markle Reportedly Told Friends That She Wants To 'Protect' Royal Title Rather Than Make Money From It
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Meghan Markle reportedly thinks she still has the right to use the "royal" title, even after she and Prince Harry announced they were leaving the royal family.

Insiders who spoke with The Daily Mail claimed Meghan believes it's still within their right to use the title, despite the fact that the Queen purportedly prohibited them from using it. Meghan supposedly said to some of her friends that she wanted to protect the "royal" title, rather than profit from it.

While Meghan is upset over the issue, she believes they'll be fine without it. The insider claims Meghan and Harry's projects do enough talking on their own. The source claims Meghan believes their success will come either way, with or without their attachment to the royal family.

According to the source, Harry and Archie still have the royal blood, and it isn't possible to simply take it from them. On some level, they'll always be royal. As fans of the couple know, they've been criticized heavily in recent months after they moved to Canada.

However, they've chosen to instead focus on raising their child together, rather than worry about the criticisms of the public. The same source who spoke with The Daily Mail claimed their number one priority was raising Archie in a better world.

As it was previously reported on Wednesday, the Queen prohibited Markle, Harry, and Archie, from using the royal title, and they agreed to her conditions. In a statement released this Friday, Meghan and Harry revealed they had no intention of continuing to use the title, although, there was no legal basis for the Queen to bar them from using it anyway.

Apparently, Meghan and Harry had intentions of using their brand name in the marketing and branding of cheap products. They intended on using the name for a charity. Markle's friend claimed it wasn't their intention to get into the business of selling "t-shirts and pencils."

In other words, Meghan and Harry planned on using the title as a way of marketing charities and other benevolent endeavors, rather than selling trivialities.

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