Meghan Markle Reportedly Getting Sick Of The 'Cruel' Media Reports

Meghan Markle Reportedly Getting Sick Of The 'Cruel' Media Reports
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According to a report from Harper's Bazaar, Meghan Markle's last week hasn't gone as smoothly as she'd like. Recently, the Suits alum and Prince Harry were taken to task on social media for using private jets on vacation while proclaiming the importance of environmental protectionism.

As per usual, Meghan and Harry didn't say a word in response to the reports pointing out their supposed hypocrisy, in addition to the social media commenters who noticed the discrepancy between their purported values and actions.

However, some of their most famous friends came out to support them, including Ellen DeGeneres as well as Elton John. Reported first by Us Magazine, Meghan is apparently very upset by the blows wrote by the British Media.

Reportedly, the insider who spoke with the outlet claims Markle believes there is an unfair standard foisted on her, especially in comparison to Kate Middleton. The insider claims that Meghan feels a bit "isolated" living in the United Kingdom, moreover, she never has the ability to defend herself.

Previously, Meghan has said she refuses to read any press about herself, including the show on which she formerly starred, Suits. Speaking with reporters from Vanity Fair, Meghan said succinctly, "I don't read any press," adding that she hasn't even done so for Suits.

Paraphrasing what one of the insiders said to Us Weekly, Meghan has felt frustrated on account of the fact she's normally allowed to have a voice. In the past, she could defend herself in any way that she wanted, but now that she has an association with the royal family, it's been "taken away from her."

Reportedly, Meghan was at The Lion King premiere last month, and when she was there, the star was heard speaking with the iconic singer and songwriter, Pharrell Williams. She was overheard saying to him, "they don't make it easy," regarding her marriage to Prince Harry.

As it was previously reported, Meghan and the Prince got married in a ceremony last year in May. Meghan and Harry had their first baby, Archibald, earlier in 2019.

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