Meghan Markle Reportedly Dumped Her 'Bestie' Jessica Mulroney To Look 'Woke'

Meghan Markle Reportedly Dumped Her 'Bestie' Jessica Mulroney To Look 'Woke'
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A new report from The Sun suggested that Meghan Markle's decision to dump her former best friend, Jessica Mulroney, wasn't quite as virtuous as one would think. Page Six picked up on a report from the outlet today in which it was reported that Meghan wanted to appear "woke" following Mulroney's "white privilege" scandal.

Reportedly, Mulroney was shocked to see that Meghan Markle never came out to defend her following Jessica's dispute with a lifestyle blogger. The insider who spoke with The Sun suggested that Mulroney felt like she has been abandoned.

The source says Meghan had "forsaken her loyal friend" for political purposes, in other words, to look "woke." As it was previously reported, Sasha Exeter, a Canadian blogger, accused Jessica of being "textbook white privilege" when she accidentally assumed a blog post from Sasha was aimed at her.

Exeter says that Jessica threatened to sue her, and to Sasha, the whole dispute was "shocking" because she's a single black mom during a pandemic - the worst time to face a lawsuit.

As most know, Jessica has already been fired from several of her TV hosting gigs and her reality TV series was canceled.

The fact Meghan didn't come out to support her amid the backlash only intensified her worries. Jessica has supported Meghan through the worst of her troubles and the good times as well, so the lack of support during her own scandal was a harsh blow, the source explained.

The controversy cost Jessica a number of other events and organizations as well, including her charity. Mulroney had to bow out of the charity which she co-founded along with her sisters-in-law. Page Six reported earlier this year that Jessica left The Shoebox Project.

The idea behind the charity is to send $50 boxes to homeless people including women and other marginalized groups. In 2011, Jessica helped create the group with Vanessa, Caroline, and Katy Mulroney.

Their statement read that despite Jessica's support for the project over the years, she had chosen to step down and the other founding members supported her decision.


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