Meghan Markle Reportedly Continues To Break Royal Protocol By Doing This

Meghan Markle Reportedly Continues To Break Royal Protocol By Doing This
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Sometimes it’s hard being a part of the royal family. Although royalty clearly has rewards, every member of the member has to follow certain rules whenever they step out in public. For Meghan Markle, getting a handle on the hundreds of rules has been a challenging task, especially when it comes to PDA with her new hubby, Prince Harry.

Part of the problem is that Markle was not raised as royalty . What comes as second nature to Prince Harry is probably completely foreign to the American actress, which makes learning all the rules even harder.

Even still, Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family expect the Suits alum to learn the rules and stick to the playbook, especially when it comes to official events. Unfortunately, Markle keeps breaking royal protocol with every public appearance she makes.

According to The Hollywood Gossip , Markle made waves when she opted for a bare shoulders look at a royal engagement earlier this month. She then created an uproar when she attempted to hold Harry’s hand in public, something Elizabeth would surely frown upon. And the controversies didn’t end there.

The former actress repeated her mistakes at an event for the Royal Air Force this week. Not only did she wear a gown that did not meet royal protocol, but she also held Harry’s arm throughout the event. Not to mention that she crossed her legs wrong while sitting down in front of the public.

Markle’s mistakes were compounded during her and Harry’s trip to Ireland this week. Traditionally, members of the royal family are not supposed to interfere with politics in any official capacity. They also aren’t supposed to talk about politics as they seek to maintain a neutral stance. Markle seemingly violated this rule when she met with Catherine Noone, a senator from Ireland.

Noone shared a post on Twitter claiming that the Duchess was pleased with a new referendum. After thanking Harry and Markle for meeting with her, Noone revealed that she and Markle talked about the referendum.

She then said that Markle “watched with interest and was pleased with the result.” Noone quickly took down the post and replaced it with an edited version, though fans weren’t buying it.

Harry and Markle were in Ireland for two days before returning home. The stay marked their first official trip abroad since tying the knot back in May.

Kensington Palace has not commented on Meghan Markle’s recent breaches of royal protocol.


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